Introducing Meeting iOS

Meeting iOSIf any of my friends or family have any questions about their iOS device, they all come to me. Out of all of the questions that I’ve been asked, many of them are very simple questions. Some are how to setup icloud, how to listen to voicemails or how to cut copy and paste. And this got me thinking, how many parents or others have these questions? Meeting iOS is my solution to helping everybody with their iOS problems. I love helping people with technology, specifically Apple products.

My purpose for making these videos is to give everybody a site or video to go to whenever they have any questions about their iOS device, and to help them. iOS is a very easy operating system to know and to learn, but it can get pretty tricky at times. I’ve been working with iOS for a very long time. I know many tips and tricks that make working with iOS a lot easier.

I’m very excited to start this video series and to help others who don’t know how to fully use their devices. The first video will be out this Friday, August 8th. Look out for it on this site soon.

Apple Rolls Out Educational Pricing With Free Gift Cards

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 11.32.50 AMIf you’ve ever thought about buying a Mac or iPad for school, this is the time to do it. From now until September 9th, Apple will give you gift cards for your latest purchase. And on top of that, you also get educational pricing, which can give you up to $200 off a Mac or $30 on any iPad. So, you can save more money.

With the purchase of a Mac, you get a free $100 gift card, and a free $50 gift card when you buy an iPad or iPhone. But, you can’t buy an iPhone with an

education discount.

Educational pricing is dependent on the school you’re going to. To qualify for education discounts, you have to be accepted to the school, a parent of a college student, or a teacher or college professor. So, go over to the Apple store and buy a new toy, save money and get a free gift card!

Chromecast Just Got Instantly Better

As we all know, TV is not Google’s strongest point. They’ve already come out with 2 noticeable failures in that department. Google TV was too expensive and died out, and the Nexus Q was a $300 orb that didn’t last a month. So, how did Google react to this? In July of 2013, they created a $35 HDMI streaming stick that streamed all of your favorite content from Netflix, Youtube and the Google Play services. This was their ticket to success to get their brand in your living room. And it totally worked!

The Chromecast was a huge hit for it’s ease of use, simplicity and it’s price tag. But, the main cripple of it was the lack of content. Since the release of the Chromecast, Google has partnered with ESPN, MLB and other services, but there still wasn’t nearly enough services and content. But, that all changed at I/O.

Chromecast now supports over 50 apps that can be streamed to your televisions. Some of these services are Revision 3, Pocket Casts, and the ability to cast your camera from your phone onto to the big screen. These services are for both Android and iOS, as well as a few that are just in the Chrome Web Browser. There’s also an update that allows you to customize the Chromecast gallery with artwork that you like, or your own photos. All of the content services are available now and the updated Chromecast app will be available later this summer.


Great Apps for the Back To School Student

So, it seems like the summer for high school students is coming to an end. Some have already started. Others, like me, haven’t. I start this Sunday and am actually really excited. So, with that said, I need to get organized. Not just in packing my backpack, but packing my iPad and iPhone with great apps that will help me survive in my last year of high school. 

1. Any.Do – Free

I first heard about Any.Do this summer, and it is my number 1 day planning app. I use it for planning my day and reminding me when I need to get that paper in. It’s super helpful and syncs seamlessly with the next app on my list.

2. Cal – Free

Cal is made by the same folks who made Any.Do. This is a much better calendar app than the stock one for the iPhone. It syncs with Any.Do, so if you put something in Any.Do, it will appear in Cal moments after. 

3. Desmos – Free

While doing Algebra, you need a calculator. This obviously being a graphing calculator. So, there are obvious choices like WolframAlpha for $3, or you can get Desmos, the free graphing calculator. Desmos lets you plot points on a graph and doing anything from Linear equations to more advanced operations. It’s one of the most useful math applications that gets the job done.

4. Notability – $3

Notability is a great app for signing documents and editing PDFs. At my school, this is the most useful thing because if I’m reading a paper that I or somebody else wrote, I can just write on the mistakes and fix it like that. You can also make notes and use speech to make notes as well. It’s really cool and useful.

5. Google Drive – Free

Google Drive is useful for sharing your documents, spreadsheets and slideshows that you may be making. I use it a lot and the best thing is you get 5 GBs free and it syncs wirelessly over the cloud onto my computer or iPhone. 

All of the above apps are just a small amount of what can be used for school. All schools are different and may not even allow you to use an iPad in class. But, these are the apps that I found useful when I study.

Apple Brings iPhone Trade-In Program to U.S Stores.

ImageEvery year, there’s always a line for the newest Apple products in front of the Apple Stores. Whether it’s the newest iPhone, iPad or Mac. There’s always a line. But, what do people do with their iPhones when they buy a new one? Some sell them, some keep them and use them as an iPod, and some are just thrown out. People don’t realize how much money they can get from their old iPhone, even if it is cracked. The smart ones sell them on Craigslist or eBay. But, a lot of people that they think they can’t get anything from them. Well, Apple is saying otherwise.

Apple is offering a trade in program for your old iPhone, and in return you will get a store credit for your iPhone. Granted, this is smart of Apple, because they probably fix them up and sell them as refurbished, which will in turn give them more money, which is what they want, obviously. 

In case you don’t know, Apple is holding an event for the release of the new iPhone and iOS 7. So, Apple is trying to get more money from this whole iPhone scenario. 

But, there are still plenty of other places that you can sell your iPhone for some great money. Post ads on Craigslist and you can get some pretty good money for your $200 phone you got on a contract. So, I would say think first before you give your iPhone to Apple. 

“Jobs” Review: The Newton of Apple Products

Jobs, as you all may know, is the movie that is pretty much a giant recap of the famous Apple Co-Founder, Steve Jobs. It starts off in his life in high school, and goes throughout his life until the release of the iPod. It was the history of the computer company and industry, all the way from the 80s, to 2001.

The movie was OK. That’s really all I can say. I’m a big Apple fan, and Steve Jobs fan. But, this movie could’ve been so much better. Before I went into the movie I checked out the IMDb page. The director (Joshua Michael Stern) has directed 3 movies that I’ve never even heard of, and the writer (Matt Whitely) has one movie that he’s written on IMDb. That movie is Jobs. I can just see the conversation of two guys that had the idea of making this film. “Hey, Ashton Kutcher looks like Steve Jobs. Let’s make a movie. My friend is a writer. I mean, he hasn’t actually written anything this big, but this will be his break!”
No, it definitely wasn’t his break.

The movie starts out, with Steve at school and doing the “cool thing” at that time, which was to do drugs and get high. It starts out with his girlfriend and his other friend. They’re on a field and he starts crying about his adoption. The story then goes into something completely different about calligraphy and art. There were multiple scenes where they jump-cut to parts of his life, but with no real backstory or explanation. It was like the director and producer said, “You know, people know enough about Steve Jobs. We can skip this part!”

The worse part that I didn’t like about the movie was how they tried to fit everything in, which resulted in the jump-cut scenes that ended up rushing the movie. It’s like they had to keep it in a 2 hour time limit, which they didn’t need to do. They really rushed one of the most important scenes in the movie, which is when he left Apple and went to NeXT. They didn’t really go into detail about that, which was kind of a very important piece of info that should’ve been extended and really gone more into detail. But, instead, it was a series of jump-cuts, yet again.

The one noticeable quality that I noticed about this movie, was the casting. This movie was casted very well, with the key actors being Ashton Kutcher (Steve Jobs), Josh Gad (Woz), Dermot Mulroney (Mike Markkula) and Nelson Franklin (Bill Atkinson). The characters were almost spot on, and looked very similar to their actual character. With one exception. Near the end of the movie, they showed Steve Jobs in the 90’s. I’m sorry, there’s no way in hell that’s what he looked like in the 90’s. I’ve seen photos of him, and that wasn’t what he looked like in the 90’s. For the most part, the casting was my favorite part of this movie, because it was very well done.

But, the movie was still just OK. They should’ve had a better director, like David Fincher (The Social Network). I think it portrayed him well, but could’ve been better. Is this the best movie of the summer? Not even close. Is this Ashton Kutcher’s best movie? Again, no. But, was it still worth it? Sure.

Day One Review: An App Made For Your Eyes Only

I took the chance to download Day One when it was free in the App Store on the 5th Anniversary. Ever since then, I’ve been using it like never before. It gives me a chance to write down all of my thoughts on my phone or iPad, and be able to run through them if I have to. People write their thoughts on Social Networks all of the time, such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Well, this kind of takes the “Social” out of the Social Network.

I love writing, which is why I enjoy writing on my blog whenever I get the chance. But, the best thing about writing that I love, is I can think of a message and be able to communicate to someone. Whether it’s in a story, blog post or on Facebook, I will try to make a story out of my life and what goes on in it. Now, I’m not saying that it will be the most interesting story, but people will read it. That’s why I like Day One. I enjoy being able to tell my own story through my own thoughts. That’s what Day One does.

Day One is a very basic app with many features that will give you the best time to organize your thoughts. To start off, it gives you the option to add a new log, or take a photo. Once you’ve done that, You can go to what’s called your timeline. This is what helps you keep track of  all of your logs that you write in Day One. There’s also a handy calendar feature that lets you view your logs in an entirely different way.

In case you haven’t picked up by now, Day One is a journalling app. You could call it your electronic Diary or journal, if you will. So, you probably don’t want the information that your logging to be out in the public. So, there’s a feature that allows you to lock the app, so non of your friends or family will be able to get a hold of all of your secrets.

The App is generally good. It’s available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. All of your logs seamlessly sync with each other, so you don’t have to copy and paste all of your logs. It’s been doing very well so far. It’s been the App of the Week, 2012 App of the Year, and was chosen among all of the apps in the App Store to be showcased in the 5 Year Anniversary of the App Store. So, it’s doing well.

I’ve never been into journalling before. But, I figured, the app is free and I might as well try it. I have so many things that I can use this for, that it seems that the possibilities are endless. I use it for movie and song reviews, different stories that I would like to tell, etc… The list can go on and on. This app has got me addicted to journalling, and this is the only app that I will use for it.


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